Baqua Spa/Sirona Spa Care

Sirona is the latest name in exceptional spa care. Born from years of industry expertise and innovation, Sirona gives every spa lover exactly what they desire – safe, simple and effective spa water solutions – yet so much more. Just one look and you’ll see, Sirona is more than just spa care. It’s the first in whole-self care.

Devoted to Restorative Waters

Just like the Celtic goddess namesake, Sirona is passionate about the wellness benefits and healing powers of water. Your spa is about more than soothing tired muscles. The steaming, swirling waters have a healing effect, on both your body and your mind. Sirona allows you to fully embrace and ease into this restorative spa experience.

Sirona believes that whole-self wellness is the wave of the future and we’re committed to being at its forefront. Just as you seek the best, most innovative products for yourself, you want only the best for your spa, too. Sirona prescribes only the safest, most effective sanitizers, balancers, specialties and bromine-free, chlorine-free solutions for your spa water. Trust Sirona to take good care of your spa water so it can take even better care of you.