What brand of pool equipment should I choose?

  • Since being in the pool industry since 1963, there is no other better brand that Hayward and Waterway. Being independently owned and all made in the U.S.A., Hayward's commitment to quality, commitment, care, and reliability shows in its products. Waterway, an Oxnard manufacturer since 1973, is 100% designed, engineered, and manufactured in the U.S.A. ensuring that consumers get the best quality and commitment from their purchase of every Waterway pool and spa product. 

Why are there many "call to order" messages on several products?

  • There are many "call to order" messages on several products due to either constrained supply chains and the lack of inventory or simply due to the manufacturer's policy in regards to selling online. Please call us for any inquiries regarding any products, and we will do our best to get the product to you. 

How long should I be running my pump for? 

  • The hours a pump should be running for depends on the season. During the fall and winter, your pump should be running for at least 6-8 hours ensuring a full period of circulation all while keeping your pool algae free. During the spring and summer and as well as the temperature outside, your pump should be running for at least 8-10 hours. This will help prevent the growth of algae during the hot weather as well as getting your pool the proper sanitation it needs. 

What suction side pool cleaner should I buy?

  • Ever since launching in the decade beginning 2010, Hayward's The PoolCleaner by PoolVergnuegen has not disappointed us or the customers we have sold it to. While being all made in the U.S.A., Hayward fully inspects and checks the cleaner before sending it off for selling. The PoolCleaner does the whole job when your pump is in fully function. It even goes up to your tile line making sure each tiny area of the pool is full vacuumed. Just sit back and watch the magic work!  

Why should I choose ClearView as my brand of chemicals?

  • With Oreq, its parent company, being based in Temecula company, we here at PoolSpaMart have seen the production of ClearView chemicals firsthand. We stand behind ClearView as they do not cheat consumers with generic ingredients for chemicals all while committing each product to efficiently deliver on its promise. 

What do I use for green or mustard algae?

  • Since being involved in the pool industry since 1963 and having dealt with many pools containing green or mustard algae, we stand behind Applied Biochemists Yellowtrine. When using Yellowtrine, make sure to use a super-shock with a chlorine base as Yellowtrine is best effective when done so. 


How do I prevent the sun from damaging my chemicals and accessories?

  • To prevent your chemicals from losing its concentration or your leaf rakes or brushes from getting damaged, keep your pool accessories and chemicals in a shaded place where there is no sunlight exposure. The rays of sun has been proven to have effects on concentration loss of many pool and spa chemicals as well as on the leaf rakes and brushes we use for pool maintenance. 

How often should I clean my pool filter tank?

  • A homeowner should clean their pool filter tank at least twice a year. However, due to unpredicted circumstances, homeowners often always find themselves cleaning their pool filter tank more than twice a year. Whenever your filter PSI is above 30, it is advised to clean your filter to prevent the pressure becoming too low. If the filter PSI it getting close to 30, one can backwash the filter. In situations dealing with heavy winds or bad algae, one must immediately clean the filter to prevent any algae growth.

Why does PoolSpaMart only supply Unicel?

  • We here at PoolSpaMart choose Unicel as our brand of filter elements and filter cartridges due to its reliability, quality, commitment, and care of the product all while being 100% manufactured in the U.S.A. Ever since being founded in 1956, Unicel continues to be the number one filter element and cartridge manufacturer in the pool and spa industry today. 

Why should I choose to buy a set of filter elements instead of one?

  • We always recommend our customers to buy a full set of filter elements instead of by the piece. In the short run it may seem expensive; however, in the long run you would not be having to come and buy another piece again not knowing if the price has gone up or not. Also, if one filter element or a filter cartridge has gone bad, this simply means that the next set of filter elements or filter cartridges are up for replacement. 

Should I be using both liquid chlorine and chlorine tablets or just one?

  • We recommend always using both liquid chlorine and chlorine tablets during the hot weather seasons. Given that liquid chlorine dissipates faster, you can always rely on chlorine tablets to be the backup sanitizer while you make your way over to buying liquid chlorine from your local pool supply store. In the winter, you can use liquid chlorine given that the sun is not at its full strength and the climate temperatures are moderate. Do not only use chlorine tablets as tablets are known to increase the levels of cyanuric acid (conditioner) in the pool. 

What is the best leaf rake I should be using to collect all the fine particles?

  • Our most favorite and by far quality-made leaf rake definitely has to be the Purity 18" Ultra-Lite Lightweight Silt Bag Leaf Rake. Why Purity? Given that Purity is all made in the U.S.A., the Ultra-Lite Lightweight Silt Bag Leaf Rake offers double protection with the first bag being a finely-knitted silt bag ensuring fine particles like hair or ants are picked up. The second bag is committed to picking up the larger debris. 


Why should I choose Custom Molded Products (CMP) as my brand of replacement parts?

  • With Custom Molded Products being based in Newnan, Georgia, and its speciality not only being in pool and spa products but bath products as well, CMP shows their commitment in their products. From pump parts to water leveler parts, CMP will have you covered on just about anything!

When switching over from a chlorine-based pool to a salt-based pool, what sanitation equipment should I buy?

  • PowerClean Salt Ultra has been leading the game in innovation and easy-care maintenance when it comes to salt sanitation. The PowerClean Salt Ultra is the easiest sanitation equipment to use all while being ensured with a 3 Year Warranty. Instead of using acid to clean most salt cells, the PowerClean Salt Ultra only required a wooden stick, which is provided, to clear the inside of the cell of any calcifications. 

What brand of spa chemicals should I choose?

  • We offer two brands of spa chemicals. You have the option of choosing either Baqua Spa or Leisure Time. Baqua Spa offers Bromine-Free and Chlorine-Free chemicals for all your spa needs while Leisure Time has been specializing in spa chemicals for more than 25 years.