Aladdin No-Niche Lily Pad Skimmer (White) - 750

Aladdin No-Niche Lily Pad Skimmer (White) - 750


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The Skimmer That Operates Without A Niche
No-niche® is no ordinary skimmer. It replaces the need for a niche - the weakest point in a pools construction. Constructing a niche can substantially increase the cost of a pool. Operating in a confined niche, conventional skimmers often don't do an adequate job of keeping a pool clean. The No-niche® has a flow rate of 52-55 gallons per minute.
  • No-niche® is efficient. With 360° skimmer actions, No-niche®has sufficient skimming power to allow opening of the main drain. Water filters faster, keeping the pool cleaner.
  • No-niche® works on a flotation system that automatically adjusts to average water level changes.
  • No-niche® is compact. It does a big job while remaining unobstructive and almost invisible. No-niche® utilizes an exceptionally large skimmer basket considering it's compact size to filter more debris without clogging.It can be used in new pool construction, with existing VAC outlets, or in place of an inefficient skimmer.
  • No-niche® is constructed from HIPS plastic for strength hand durability. 
  • No. 750 Complete Assembly
  • No. 751 Top and Main Housing
  • No. B-13 Basket Only
  • No. B-38 Skimmer Weir

Bottom threaded inlet now accepts up to 2" Fittings.

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