Custom Molded Products Replacement for T-15 / H-Style Cell (Up to 40,000 Gallons) - 52000-115-100

Custom Molded Products

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Factory Quality You Can Trust At A Fair Cost!

You don't have to settle for cheap "knock-off" replacement parts. With CMP Replacement Parts you get quality, long life and certification. The CMP replacement for T-15 style salt cells is independently certified and precisely manufactured to factory standards quality. 

The CMP T-15 style cell is a quality replacement for the popular salt cell. Now you can take care of your pool and your wallet at the same time. 

  • High quality replacement at a fair cost. 
  • Best value with long life. 
  • Independently certified by IAPMO
  • 100% 2 Year CMP Warranty  
 Cell Daily Max Total Pounds of Free Chlorine Produced
Other Replacement Cell Options N/A 145 LBS.
CMP Cell 1.45 LBS. 580 LBS.
OEM Cell 1.45 LBS. 580 LBS.

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