Easy Care Algatec Super Algaecide & Clarifier, 64 FL. OZ. - 10064

Easy Care Algatec Super Algaecide & Clarifier, 64 FL. OZ. - 10064

Easy Care

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Algatec® – Synergy Algaecide for Green, Yellow and Black Algae

Purpose:  Powerful algaecide for algae cleanup in swimming pools – works with chlorine

Product Overview: Algatec® is a synergistic algaecide, water clarifier and chlorine booster for all types of swimming pools. Algatec® helps improve water quality and swimmer comfort in swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. As an algaecide, Algatec® kills green and yellow algae in 4 to 24 hours and eradicates black algae (fungus) in 7 to 10 days. Algatec® also strongly prevents algae growths in swimming pools. Algatec’s® clarifiers flocculant to create ultra-clear water in swimming pools. Its strong synergy with swimming pool, spas and hot tub sanitizers helps boosts chlorine and bromine effectiveness up to 600% while reducing sanitizer usage between 25% to 65%. Algatec® is compatible with all salt cell systems and helps improve salt cell performance.


  • Kills and controls all algae . . . green, yellow and black types.
  • Superior effectiveness and fast results in just 4 to 24 hours - most algae.
  • Eradicates difficult black algae (fungi) growths in 7 to 10 days.
  • Very effective with or without chlorine.
  • Strong synergy with chlorine - will not consume chlorine.
  • Clarifies pool water while removing algae.
  • Strongest, fastest acting algaecide available.


  • Easy to use for algae removal and cleanup.
  • No testing required and does not require chlorine for algae removal.
  • Will not interfere with pool water pH, chemistries, or sanitizer levels.
  • No wait. Swim immediately after treatment.
  • Minimal brushing required for yellow or black algae removal.
  • Will not stain pool surfaces, swimmer's hair, and clothing.

How it Works:

Algatec's® unique cationic polymeric compound functions as a broad spectrum, non-oxidizing algaecide-microbicide that kills and controls the growth of microorganisms by disturbing their normal metabolic process of the living cell. Algatec® has a powerful synergy with chlorine sanitizers which further enhances algae kill and removal. The product is metal-free, non-hazardous to handle, will not foam, and does not remove chlorine from pool water.

Application: Add product directly into pool water from any location. No wait. Swim immediately after treatment.

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