Easy Care Scaletec Plus Calcium Pool Descaler, 64 FL. OZ. - 20064

Easy Care Scaletec Plus Calcium Pool Descaler, 64 FL. OZ. - 20064

Easy Care

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Strong pool Surface and tile descaler plus stain remover

High performance swimming pool calcium descaler, iron stain, scum remover and preventative. First pourable product that removes hard water buildup throughout pool surfaces, tile and all equipment without scrubbing or acids. Pour directly into pool water. Highly effective in preventing iron, copper, and manganese stains. Powerful Synertec formula provides long lasting, affordable protection year-round with just a small monthly application. 

  • Effectively removes calcium buildup on pool surfaces, tile and equipment
  • Cleans and restores pool surfaces in just two weeks. Stain remover and sequesters iron, copper, and manganese metals
  • Salt cell cleaner and protector, helps optimize chlorine output
  • Replaces hazardous acid-washing method and costly tile cleaning
  • Advanced non-acidic and ultra-low phosphate Synertec formulation

How It Works

Scaletec Plus® unique Synertec formula involve components that remove both new and old white calcium and mixed composition scales and metal stains. This process involves a combination of super-sequestration, crystal modification - absorption, and threshold inhibition. Scales and stains are both loosen from surfaces and dissolved into pool water which are filtered away or kept in suspension.

Application: Add product directly into pool water from any location. No wait. Swim immediately after treatment. 

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