Hayward TriVac 700 Top Skimming and Bottom/Wall Pressure-Side Automatic Pool Cleaner - W3TVP700C


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Product Description

TriVac™ 700 pressure cleaner is the only cleaner capable of skimming debris from the surface of the water in addition to vacuuming the pool floor, walls and coves. If skimming is not required, the TriVac™ 500 thoroughly cleans the pool floor, walls and coves. Both TriVac models are equipped with patented AquaDrive® technology— powerful jets that propel the cleaners around the pool—as well as several other exclusive features.

Patented AquaDrive Technology
  • Low impact design for high impact results
  • Powerful jets propel TriVac cleaners easily and efficiently around the pool.
  • Unique short back-up sequence helps reduce cleaning time.
  • Low-friction wheels eliminate wear-and-tear on pool surfaces.
  • Three high-pressure venturi jets and a wide vacuum inlet easily pick up larger debris.
Powerful sweep hose
  • Improves coverage by stirring up debris in hard-to-reach areas.
Easy management of dirt and debris
  • Patented extra-large debris bag with unique float carries more and requires less maintenance.

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