Hayward TriVac 500 Bottom/Wall Pressure-Side Automatic Pool Cleaner - W3TVP500C


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Product Description

TriVac™ 500 pressure cleaner is the ideal cleaner for thoroughly cleaning the pool floor, walls and coves. The TriVac 500 is equipped with patented AquaDrive® technology- powerful jets that propel the cleaners around the pool—as well as several other exclusive features, including a 40% larger suction inlet and 25% larger debris bag to capture and carry more. Its advanced sweep hose helps cover corners and crevices, ensuring an ultimate, complete clean.

Patented AquaDrive Technology

  • Low impact design for high impact results
  • Powerful jets propel TriVac cleaners easily and efficiently around the pool
  • Unique short back-up sequence helps reduce cleaning time
  • Low-friction wheels eliminate wear-and-tear on pool surfaces
  • Three high-pressure venturi jets and a wide vacuum inlet easily pick up larger debris

40% Wider Suction Inlet

  • Effectively vacuums the pool floor, wall and coves

25% Larger Debris Bag

  • Captures more debris and requires less maintenance
  • Unique, easy-open float makes the bag more convenient to empty

Powerful sweep hose

  • Improves coverage by stirring up debris in hard-to-reach areas

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