Pentair IntelliBrite 5G White LED Pool Light (500W 120V 100' Cord) - EC-601302

Pentair IntelliBrite 5G White LED Pool Light (500W 120V 100' Cord) - EC-601302


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The IntelliBrite 5G white lights combine unmatched energy efficiency with superior light intensity and distribution. The exclusive design can be adjusted to create a standard, wider beam or a narrower pattern, depending on your pool’s needs.
  • Utilizes less energy than comparable incandescent lights
  • Pool lens can be rotated to 180° to provide wide beam pattern (standard) or narrow beam pattern
  • Compatible with Pentair stainless-steel and plastic niches
  • Available in 120-V and 12-V versions
  • Available in 300-W, 400-W and 500-W incandescent equivalencies

*Appearance of color and white LED light may vary between various models of lights. Appearance and perception of pool lighting may vary depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the particular model of light, the location/depth/angle of the light’s installation, pool finish/material, pool depth/shape/geometry, ambient light sources, subjective factors and more. For best results when using multiple lights, use all the same model and do not mix multiple models of lights within a single installation.


  1. Custom reflector to eliminate hot spots
  2. LED lights for exceptional light intensity
  3. Superior lens geometry to improve color effects
  4. Light beam distribution creates more uniform illumination


IntelliBrite 5G white underwater LED lights are not only brighter than incandescent lights, they’re almost 10x more efficient with a pure, white light uses 89% less energy. Their extended service life and energy efficiency can make the savings really add up.


IntelliBrite 5G underwater white LED pool lights deliver superior light intensity and distribution—with no hot spots or glare—and offer pool owners long-lasting durability.

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